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Unleash Your Superhuman Self

Discover Your Unlimited Potential to Transform Any Aspect of Your Life


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Limited Spaces Still Available
Limited Spots Are Still Available

Are you ready to tap into your superconscious self and unlock your full potential?

 A Reclaiming Session is science-backed transformative process that has been taught in ancient mystery schools for thousands of years to connect with your higher-self and to give it permission to work with you to create permanent lasting change in any areas of your life.

A replay will be made available if you can't attend live

Why Reclaim Yourself?

The Reclaiming Session is an introduction to a process of self-inquiry that offers a multitude of science-backed benefits that extend far beyond personal growth and manifestation. By applying the principles taught and continuing to foster the relashionship with your superconscious self it can and will transform your entire life. . . if that is what you want.

Some of the possible outcomes can include:  

  • Enhanced Self-Awareness: Reclaiming sessions guide individuals to connect with their inner selves, leading to a heightened sense of self-awareness. This can help them understand their thoughts, emotions, and behaviors better.

  • Improved Emotional Well-being: By connecting with your inner-self and accessing and releasing any non-loving emotions, which can come for trauma and even abuse, individuals can experience improved emotional well-being which can a dramatic increase in happiness and overall better mental health.

  • Greater Life Satisfaction: As individuals start to see positive changes in their lives, they can experience greater satisfaction and fulfillment. This can span across various aspects of life, including relationships, career, health, and lifestyle.

  • Increased Personal Power: Reclaiming Sessions can help individuals tap into their personal power, leading to increased confidence and self-esteem. This can empower them to take charge of their lives and make decisions that align with their true selves and true purpose and inner calling.

  • Enhanced Spiritual Connection: Through the process of connecting with their superconscious selves, individuals can experience a deeper spiritual connection. This can lead to a greater sense of peace, purpose, and oneness with the universe.

  • Accelerated Personal Growth: The techniques taught in Reclaiming Sessions can facilitate accelerated personal growth. As individuals work on their inner-selves, they can experience rapid transformation and evolution on a quantum level

  • Improved Relationships: As individuals become more self-aware and emotionally balanced, they can experience improved relationships. This can lead to healthier and more fulfilling connections with others.

  • Healing and Release: The process of letting go of stress, anxiety, depression, and releasing negative emotions and beliefs can heal organs, change genes and even affect the DNA which the science of epigentics, neuroplasticity, and other stugies have shown.

  • Manifestation of Desires: By aligning with your true desires, that come from the heart, you can manifest them into existance with less effort than any other 'Law of Attraction' methodology. This can lead to the realization of your goals and dreams.

  • Experience of Unconditional Love: One of the key outcomes of reclaiming sessions is the experience of unconditional love.... SELF love. This is the key to everything and obviously leads to a profound sense of joy, peace, fulfillment, and happiness that cannot be surpased.

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    A replay will be made available if you can't attend live

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Do I need any prior experience to attend a Reclaiming Session?

    No. The FREE Reclaiming Session is the first step in opening the door for you to have your superconscious self intervene in your life in a more conscious and impactful way. If you want to create permanent and lasting change in any aspect of your life you are in the right place.

    Are Reclaiming Sessions suitable for anyone?

    Yes, anyone seeking personal transformation, growth, or wanting to create a better life, or looking to explore the boundaries of the human experience can benefit. Reclaiming Sessions are the fastest shortcut to permanent lasting change and mastery of self.

    What is the science behind the Reclaiming Session?

    Whilst a small list of studies supporting the efficacy of Reclaiming Sessions has been provided below it is important to understand that science is only a set of therories labeled as fact until it is disproven. We see that every day in almost every industry. What was once impossible is now part of daily lives. Science is constantly evolving and changing as is our understanding of what it possible. Rather than seek proof, be open to all possiblities and seek your own experience so you can make your own conclusions.  

    How can a single session create instantaneous change?

    Good question. On a quantum level all change is instantaneous but to realize that in our daily lives may take some time and effort to not fall into our old patterns and beliefs. The "instantaneous changes" are also not about a complete life overhaul in one session. Instead, it's about the immediate shift in perspective and subtle yet profound changes that gain interest over time. However, if done correctly, working with your superconscious is the fastest way to transform any aspect of your life. You will better understand why at the free live event. 

    I'm not spiritual or religious so how can this help me?

    Zimmaron is not religious either. But he embraces and support all paths. While some of the concepts shared could be associated with religion or spirituality or a more alternative perspective of this world it does not change the outcome of going within and working with the true essence of who you are and removing all the programming and conditioning and beliefs that are impacting your life in negative ways. Reclaiming is about fostering a healthy conscious relationship with yourself to empower YOU to transform your life from the inside out.  

    I'm not comfortable with the idea of confronting my fears and insecurities.

    That's okay. I wouldn't either. It is unlikely that you will face or confront anything during a FREE Reclaiming Session as it is about opening you up to receiving greater assistance from your higher-self. However, if you continue to foster that connection with the intention of becoming the best possible version of you then it is inevitable that things will come up to be let go of and healed. The intention is not to make you or anyone feel uncomfortable in any way. It's ultimately about the highest form of self-love.

    Register Now for a FREE RECLAIMING SESSION
    A replay will be made available if you can't attend live

    Who is Zimmaron?

    Zimmaron is a visionary thought leader who uniquely blends Eastern and Western philosophies to empower individuals to achieving personal and business breakthroughs.

    Born of a challenging past, he lived in Ashrams most his life training with spiritual masters, shaman, and healers of different modalities. His passion is to guide people of all walks of life to unlocking their true infinite potential so they can transcend all life's obstacles.

    Zimmaron's life journey is a testament to resilience and self-discovery making him a beacon of hope and inspiration for those seeking a path to self-mastery and success.

    Recent Interview with Brainz Magazine

    "That which you seek is inside you."

    When you embrace self-discovery your infinite potential will be revealed

    You are not broken, damaged, or incomplete in anyway.

    Love Unconditionally... and be free forever!

    What Science?

    1: New Scientist. (n.d.). Quantum physics.

    2: Scientific American. (2018). Coming to Grips with the Implications of Quantum Mechanics.

    Quantum field theory (QFT describes the behavior of particles in terms of fields. According to QFT, all particles are interconnected through these fields, which permeate all of space and time. Another theory is entanglement, which describes how particles can become linked together in such a way that their behavior becomes inextricably linked. This could explain why and how we are all interconnected and how phenomena such as empathy, psychic abilities, and synchronicities exist and are created with focused intent. 

    Scientific American. (2019). What God, Quantum Mechanics and Consciousness Have in Common.

    There are many case studies that explore the implications of quantum mechanics on our understanding of reality. For example, one study found that quantum mechanics could be used to explain how our brains process information. Another study explored how quantum mechanics could be used to explain the phenomenon of consciousness. This also could explain how everything is part of a unified field of consciousness that we have access to at will.

    Caltech Science Exchange. (n.d.). Entanglement.

    Quantum entanglement is a phenomenon that occurs when two or more particles become linked together in such a way that their behavior becomes inextricably linked even by a large distance. Entanglement is a fundamental concept that has been studied extensively by scientists around the world. It is also a key resource for quantum computing and other quantum technologies.

    1: Medium. (n.d.). Do Thoughts Create Reality? Quantum Biology Points us to the Answer.

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    3: Scientific American. (n.d.). What Does Quantum Theory Actually Tell Us about Reality?

    The idea that our thoughts create our reality is a popular concept in the field of quantum mechanics. According to this theory, our thoughts and emotions can influence the physical world around us. This is because everything in the universe is made up of energy, including our thoughts and emotions. When we focus our thoughts on something, we are essentially sending out a vibration that can affect the energy around us.

    1: How Our Thoughts Control Our DNA - Bruce H. Lipton, PhD. 

    2: Stem cells: What they are and what they do - Mayo Clinic. 

    3: Your mental health after a stem cell transplant | Anthony Nolan. 

    There is scientific research that suggests that our thoughts can affect stem cells. According to Dr. Bruce Lipton, a stem cell biologist, our thoughts and emotions can influence the behavior of our cells. When we experience stress or negative emotions, our bodies release stress hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline which can cause inflammation and damage to our cells. Positive emotions such as love and gratitude can stimulate the production of growth hormones and other beneficial chemicals that promote cell growth and repair. A study published in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine found that participants who practiced mindfulness meditation had significantly higher levels of CD34+ cells (a type of stem cell) than those who did not practice meditation.

    "Self-awareness, self-regulation, and self-transcendence (S-ART): a framework for understanding the neurobiological mechanisms of mindfulness" by David R. Vago and D. Silbersweig.

    This study provides a framework for understanding how mindfulness, which is a component of Reclaiming Sessions, can reduce biases related to self-processing and create a sustainable healthy mind. The study suggests that systematic mental training that develops self-awareness, self-regulation, and self-transcendence can help individuals become aware of the conditions that cause or remove distortions or biases.

    "Physical Activity, Mindfulness Meditation, or Heart Rate Variability Biofeedback for Stress Reduction: A Randomized Controlled Trial" by J. E. van der Zwan, W. de Vente, A. Huizink, S. Bögels, and E. D. de Bruin.

    This study found that mindfulness meditation, along with physical activity and heart rate variability biofeedback, are equally effective in reducing stress and its related symptoms. This supports the use of mindfulness practices in Reclaiming Sessions.

    "The Emerging Role of Mindfulness Meditation as Effective Self-Management Strategy, Part 1: Clinical Implications for Depression, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, and Anxiety." by Marina A. Khusid and M. Vythilingam.

    This study suggests that mindfulness-based interventions can be effective as an adjunct to standard care or self-management strategy for major depressive disorder and PTSD, conditions that Reclaiming Sessions may help address.

    "The Effects of Mindfulness Meditation on Stress and Burnout in Nurses" by Alyssa A Green and Elizabeth Kinchen.

    This study found that mindfulness meditation can decrease stress and burnout in nurses by decreasing self-judgment and overidentification with experience, and by increasing resiliency, compassion, and emotional regulation. These are all benefits that could potentially be gained from Reclaiming Sessions.

    Sitting Meditation Training as an Alternative to Self-Healing

    This study conducted in Indonesia demonstrated the effectiveness of sitting meditation as a self-healing tool for mental health disorders such as anxiety and depression. Regular practice of this method resulted in a state of calm, clarity, and happiness, which are key elements of self-healing.

    Forgiveness Meditation: Mindful Self-Healing

    This paper discusses the power of forgiveness meditation as a mindful self-healing method. It shares real-life cases of individuals who have used this method to overcome trauma and achieve success.

    Teaching Transnational Buddhist Meditation with Vipassanā and Mindfulness for Healing Depression in Contemporary China

    This paper examines how Buddhist monastics have promoted a hybrid mode of embodied Buddhist meditation practices, mindfulness, and psychoanalytic exercises for healing depression in lay people.

    Meditation and Mindfulness in the Context of Management Activities

    This study discusses the use of meditation and mindfulness practices as an effective means of overcoming stress and improving self-awareness, which are crucial for self-healing.

    A Systematic Review of Procyanidins: Updates on Current Bioactivities and Potential Benefits in Wound Healing

    This study reviews the potential benefits of procyanidins, a class of flavonoids found in many fruits and plants, for wound healing. The review suggests that procyanidins can aid in cellular proliferation and migration, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant activity in wound healing.

    Exploring the Science of Marma - An Ancient Healing Technique: Marma in Yoga and Other Ancient Indian Traditions

    This study explores the use of Marma Science in Yoga and other ancient Indian traditions. It suggests that various Yogic practices have been devised with the primary aim of stimulating specific Marma points, which have important healing applications.

    The Art of Healing, More than Science, More than Practice

    This article argues that medicine is not just a science but also an art. It emphasizes the importance of a moral practice and the understanding of humanity's state in any medical act.

    (1) The Superconscious Mind: A Higher State of Being - Mindfulled

    (2) The Neuroscience of Consciousness - Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

    (3) The Conscious, Unconscious and Superconscious Mind - FinerMinds

    (4) The mystery of human consciousness: How much do we know? - Medical News Today

    (5) Superconscious - Wikipedia

    The idea of a superconscious part of our existence is not new. With the advent of the Quantum Sciences including many other branches there are countless studies and experienments that prove that there is a greater intelligence that is behind what we consider to be the natural laws of physics. With everything being at the sub-atomic level made up of energy and with intelligent design is it far fetched to label that as a form of consciousness greater than ours?

    (1) Hypnosis changes the way our brain processes information - Science Daily

    (2) Self-Hypnosis for Anxiety: How to Use Hypnosis to Reduce Anxiety - Mindset Health 

    (3) Study identifies brain areas altered during hypnotic trances - Stanford Medical News

    (4) Impact of hypnosis on psychophysiological measures - Taylor & Francis 

    (5) Self-hypnosis: How to, benefits, and more - Medical News Today

    Hypnosis and self-hypnosis have been linked to meditation and have been shown to have neurological effects on the mind that can create positive change in people. Studies have shown that hypnosis can produce therapeutic benefits for anxiety by inducing relaxation and focus. Hypnotherapy can help reduce automatic, subconscious responses and empower individuals to manage their emotions. Hypnosis has also been shown to alter the way our brain processes information. Researchers at Stanford University School of Medicine discovered that hypnosis can alter specific areas of the brain, which helps us understand how hypnosis produces changes. In addition, exploring psychophysiological changes during hypnosis can help us better understand the nature and extent of the hypnotic phenomenon by characterizing its influence on the autonomic nervous system (ANS), in addition to its central brain effects. Studies reporting psychophysical measures during hypnosis were identified by a series of Pubmed searches.

    Effects of a Neuroscience-Based Mindfulness Meditation Program on Psychological Health: Pilot Randomized Controlled Trial by Sarah Lynn and J. C. Basso. This study found that participants who engaged in a meditation program showed significant benefits over time, including increased mindfulness and self-compassion, decreased depression, and quantitative gains all areas of their life.

    Short-Term Meditation Training Fosters Mindfulness and Emotion Regulation: A Pilot Study by T. Fazia et al. This study demonstrated that a short-term meditation intervention resulted in a significant increase in the level of mindfulness and improvement in cognitive reappraisal.

    The exploration of meditation in the neuroscience of attention and consciousness by A. Raffone and N. Srinivasan. This paper presents the main features of meditation-based mental training and its implications for the neuroscience of attention, consciousness, self-awareness, empathy, and theory of mind.

    YOGA-THERAPY: IMPROVEMENT IN PSORIATIC ARTHRITIS PROMS AT 4 MONTHS by C. Colaço, V. Sadana, and K. Anie. This study found that a 16-week yoga therapy intervention resulted in significant improvements in pain, depression, and anxiety in patients with psoriatic arthritis.

    Quantum Dots-Loaded Self-Healing Gels for Versatile Fluorescent Assembly

    This study discusses the creation of self-healing gels using quantum dots. While not directly related to reclaiming sessions, it does demonstrate the concept of self-healing at a quantum level.

    More about the Informational (Quantum) Healing In the Ongoing Pan-de-mic Situation

    This paper discusses the concept of informational healing, which is a form of quantum healing. The author suggests that practices like meditation and prayer can act as self-hypnosis, allowing us to access the subconscious and the quantum computer within it for healing.


    This study discusses the concept of self-healing in the context of integrative medicine, which could be related to the practices used in reclaiming sessions.

    C-O-V-I-D-1-9: An Organizational-theory-guided Holistic Self-caring and Resilience Project

    This study discusses the use of holistic caring-healing modalities such as aromatherapy and mindfulness meditation in response to the C-O-V-I-D-1-9 crisis. It suggests that these practices can shift the organizational culture from fear and stress to a more mindful, caring presence.

    "The majestic power of prayer in moral healing and physical rebirth (according to the materials of the UGCC clergy)" by Lesia Ryzhkova, Marta-Andriana Serediuk, Nadiia Hryniv, A. Sinitsyna. This study discusses the concept of prayer as a sacrament that transcends the boundaries of our consciousness and our subconscious. It suggests that prayer can express requests, be filled with love and gratitude, and play a role in moral healing and physical rebirth.

    "Love and Prayer Sustain Our Work: Building Collective Power, Health, and Healing as the Community Health Board Coalition" by Damarys Espinoza, Robin A Narruhn. This study examines how communities have organized for health and healing amidst the collective trauma associated with C-O-V-I-D-1-9, noting the role of love and prayer in sustaining their work.

    "The power of charisma--perceived charisma inhibits the frontal executive network of believers in intercessory prayer." by U. Schjoedt, H. Stødkilde-Jørgensen, A. Geertz, T. Lund, A. Roepstorff. This study used functional magnetic resonance imaging to investigate how assumptions about speakers' abilities changed the evoked BOLD response in secular and Christian participants who received intercessory prayer. It found that recipients' assumptions about senders' charismatic abilities have important effects on their executive network.

    "The prayer circles in the air: a qualitative study about traditional healer profiles and practice in Northern Norway" by Anette Langås-Larsen, A. Salamonsen, A. Kristoffersen, T. Stub. This study examined traditional healers’ understanding of traditional healing, the healing process, and their own practice, as well as what characteristics healers should have. It found that traditional healers understood traditional healing as the initiation of the patient’s self-healing power, which was initiated through healing rituals and explained as the power of God and placebo effect.

    Nurturing the Healers: A Unique Program to Support Residents by Sylvia S. Villarreal et al. This study found that programs that help residents cultivate resilience and mitigate distress while experiencing support from their peers can be beneficial.

    Implementation of an Integrative Coping and Resiliency Program for Nurses by Stephanie Deible et al. This study found that nurses who invest time in self-care techniques including Reiki, yoga, and meditation improve their overall wellbeing and may provide higher-quality patient care.

    The Helpfulness of Spiritually Influenced Group Work in Developing Self-Awareness and Self-Esteem: A Preliminary Investigation by Diana Coholic. This study found that spiritually influenced group work helped participants develop their self-awareness and self-esteem. The participants identified making-meaning as a spiritually sensitive process.

    Exploring the Science of Marma - An Ancient Healing Technique; Its mention in Ancient Indian Scriptures

    This study explores the ancient science of Marma, which involves specific anatomical locations in the body through which vital life/bio energies flow. The study suggests that stimulating these points can help alleviate pain and treat various physical and mental disorders.

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